Why A Laser Hair Removal Provider Needs to Educate Your Client?

Educating your client is the most important step that all hair removal clinic providers need to establish trust, confidence and assurance that the investment of time and money will be one of the best decisions your client will make. This statement has been passed on to me by so many of my clients. I know that my clients are better educated about their hair removal process than any technologist that I have interviewed and there have been hundreds if not thousands over the years. 

Due to the lack of comprehensive training most clinicians offering hair removal services really don’t educate clients because they really don’t understand the full process themselves. In fact, one of my past technologists related after a year working with me, “Although I had over 15 years experience working in well established spas before working for you, I realize now that I really only knew 10% of what you have taught me!!” When I heard this, I put two and two together to realize that there was a lack of information being provided to those taking a course and also from the workplace. Again, the focus was let’s treat as many clients as possible so that we make more money!!

If hair removal establishments understood if they educated their clients better and the technologists were better prepared, then the successful cases would be much higher, resulting in new areas being treated and referrals lined up at the door increasing your revenue. They would also save money on advertising; have a positive atmosphere of ecstatic clients achieving successful treatment and the technologists would be passionate about the service they are providing. It’s a plus, plus, plus result.

So, What Can You Do?

The most important tool that you can give your staff is providing them with a very comprehensive consultation. I must say that after 40 years of presenting my one hour consultation and assessment, every client commented that no one in the industry has provided so much information to have them fully understand clearly the process of permanent hair removal, the technologies available, options, timeline and costs so they can make a well thought out decision based on facts before committing to a treatment. My theory has always been “I do not want to start a case that I cannot finish”. 

I remember one client who had previously received treatment from at least four establishments before coming to OMI and of course was angry about the time and money spent plus that her hair problem had actually worsened. She said after a few treatments “The only reason I decided to give this one more try was because you seem to be the only one that took the time to explain the process to me and truly knows what you are doing and I am seeing results only after a few treatments.”

How can I state this fact?

One of the first questions that I would ask a client at a consultation, after they had filled out a very detailed case history form, was “Have you received hair removal procedures in the past and how long was your consultation?”  

Answer: “I really wasn’t given a consultation and if so maybe 2 – 5 minutes. Mainly they just asked if I wanted a laser treatment and what the cost was.”

Was it really a laser??

In most cases every consultation and even at interviews I asked what type of technology was used for treatment. Almost every answer was laser. As I asked further questions to find out exactly what type of laser most clients had no clue and commented that no one really explained’ I just thought all the equipment used was laser’! Over 90% of the technology used was not a true laser, it was IPL!! 

After doing my research in 1997 at a well-established medical centre in downtown Toronto for 18 months, using an IPL I ended up not investing in this technology as it did not provide the results we expected but more importantly it was limited to treating light skin and dark hair only. As OMI specializes in hair removal only, we had no choice but to search out other options as we treat all skin types and hair colors.

Everyone needs to know the difference in the technologies out there and what will provide your client with the best result, within the best time period and that is safe. This information needs to be presented to every client before they decide to receive treatments.

To top it off almost 100% of my interviews that had received so called laser training realized after my interview that they really weren’t using lasers but most often IPL. I had to retrain everyone on my staff and that is the reason that my training program was established.

Your responsibility as a clinic. Can you check off all of these points?

  • Make sure you purchase the correct technology to treat all skin types.
  • Test your equipment daily to confirm sufficient energy is being delivered.
  • Establish a protocol for laser safety for clients, staff and equipment.
  • Make sure that you are properly trained with a true laser and using the proper settings to maximize results within a realistic time period.
  • Understand the timing of treatments to achieve the best progress.
  • Understand how to manipulate your settings as you work through your treatments from beginning to end.
  • Educate your client on their responsibilities and how they can condition their skin, hair follicles to achieve the best end result.
  • Make sure that you offer electrolysis treatments so that all of your clients have the option of achieving 100% permanent hair removal.
  • Most important is to make sure that someone on staff can present a very thorough and detailed consultation and assessment to have a client feel confident and trust your knowledge and expertise in this service and your establishment. 

Note: if any of the above points cannot be verified then please search out the information and training that you need to provide high standards in hair removal procedures


SMILE and pass it forward (:


Author, The Life & Death of a Hair A Complete Guide to 100% Permanent Hair Removal

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