Who Says I Can’t Have Laser Hair Removal Because I Am A Woman of Color!!

How many times have you had a client tell you that when they went to a salon, laser clinic, or doctor’s office that they were turned away because their skin was too dark or that they had excessive coarse, dark hair on their face?

Something that I am told all the time are stories of disappointment, no encouragement or hope that one day they will experience what it is like to feel feminine, sexy, have confidence when they walk into a room or have their other half touch their face without backing away or hiding in their room instead of going to a social event. 

The majority of my present practice is treating females and males of color and were from referrals of happy clients that are now enjoying life to its fullest because they are hair free, their skin is flawless, smooth with no ingrown hair, pigmented skin and are saving hours on hair removal procedures.

Technology has been available since 2000 to safely and effectively treat skin of color. Why is there such a problem today with clients being turned away, experiencing burns and no results or being told there is no solution? It is because laser technology providers, laser training courses colleges etc. are not taking the time to educate and train on the correct equipment to use that is safe and effective. Everyone is in too much of a hurry to make that almighty dollar and then blame the client that it is their hormones or that they had to use a low setting, because they were complaining about pain. Excuses which leads the client to believe that it is their fault with no solution.

Everyone can be treated safely, effectively and permanently without skin irritation, stimulated hair growth and within a realistic timeline, achieving maximum permanent hair reduction with laser and 100% permanent hair removal with electrolysis.

Do your research, search out the best training so that you can change someone’s life for the better forever.

Tune in for more positive notes,


SMILE and pass it forward (:


Author, The Life & Death of a Hair A Complete Guide to 100% Permanent Hair Removal

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