Cancer Treatments and Stimulated Hair Growth

I would like to share my experience when treating a cancer survivor who was dealing with stimulated facial hair due to her taking prescribed medication after undergoing chemotherapy, radiation and surgery. 

The client never had to deal with unwanted hair in the past so, after having to deal with the traumatic process of dealing with breast cancer she now had to find a solution for facial hair!! How fair is that?

When you have a client that has a mixture of black and white hair and the ratio is at least 50% then I treat the client with laser first and then follow-up to complete the case 100% with electrolysis. 

For example, in the early days of laser where there were no answers for most of my questions, I had to follow my gut feeling and previous experience as well as common sense which proved to provide a positive result. I had treated a 73-year-old client, a nun, -who suffered from daily shaving-, as she had developed a full beard. Of course, due to her age she had 50% black and 50% white hair which as a technologist understood that her white hair would not be effectively treated with laser. However, I decided to provide the regular number of treatments of laser when treating a face and made sure that the timing of treatments was met. After getting to the point where only white hair appeared, we then transferred to electrolysis. To my surprise when I began to treat the white hair the hair removed like butter, which was so exciting. I was able to clear the area in 1 ½ hours where it would have normally taken me 5 hours with the hair being resistant and reapplying the energy multiple times. This client provided me with a testimonial “I thank God everyday for OMI”!! 

After applying this protocol to similar cases I concluded that this was the best route to go and therefore when treating my client with a mixture of white and black hair due to medication I was able to proceed with confidence and provide peace of mind that we will succeed and she would be hair free forever.

Educate, Educate and more Education

Over the past forty years I have had the privilege of treating all skin types, all ages and so many various reasons for stimulated hair growth. I can, with confidence, provide clients with trust that I will help them with no hesitation to reach their goal of 100% permanent hair removal. The rewards to me are as much if not more than my client when a case is completed successfully.

My client praised a program “Look Good Feel Better” which supported her and educated her through workshops on how to deal with hair loss by providing information on how to wear a wig and how to wear makeup and pencil in eyebrows. She was very disappointed after all she had gone through to have to now deal with facial hair. It was expected but no information on how to deal with it. So many patients went on to waxing, tweezing etc. which we know stimulates hair growth, especially on the face. 

As a technologist one must take the time to search out information and provide the best treatment and solution for these clients. We can make a difference in everyone’s life who is suffering from unwanted hair and they can live their lives with confidence and be happy again because of a good technician.

My client was more than happy to share her testimonial with you.

My name is Anne. At the age of 44 I was diagnosed with locally advanced breast cancer. Although there was a lot of information on how to deal with hair loss (wigs, how to draw on eyebrows(, there was no information on how to deal with unwanted hair growth, which in my case, was a side effect of adjuvant treatment (involving oral drugs taken after chemotherapy, surgery, and radiation).

I especially wanted to deal with the unwanted hair growth on my chin and upper lip, which included a lot of coarse white hair. After doing some research, I chose to do six laser treatments at my doctor’s office. I figured it was a very reasonable and safe choice. However, although the treatment reduced some dark hair, the white, coarse hair remained. The laser could not kill it. Happily, my doctor then referred me to Nicolette to undergo electrolysis treatment.

In my first appointment she explained the process very clearly and I knew right away that I had found the right person. Before going in for each treatment, I’d look for the remaining white hairs, but Nicolette could always find more through her lens. I have received electrolysis treatments for about three years, and the results have been fantastic.

Nicolette is truly the expert in hair growth and hair removal and I am so thankful I found her!  Anne Koski


SMILE and pass it forward (:


Author, The Life & Death of a Hair A Complete Guide to 100% Permanent Hair Removal

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