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Let us tell you more. Here are two videos. The first is with co-founder and hair-removal specialist Nicolette Oakwell-Morgan explaining how we do it with laser and electrolysis. The second video features co-founder, and husband, Robert, providing a breakdown of the OMI difference. Enjoy.

We’re permanent hair-removal specialists..

We have been in the business of successful permanent hair removal since 1979. That’s a great amount of experience in helping people rid themselves of unwanted hair. We have past customers that are now sending their children to us to experience the same level of care and attention we provided them years ago.

Nicolette Oakwell-Morgan

Nicolette Oakwell-Morgan is a pioneer and leading advocate in the field of permanent hair removal. Because of her own personal struggles with unwanted hair, Nicolette was driven to do something about it – for herself, as well as others facing the same kinds of challenges.

In 1979, Nicolette, along with her husband, Robert Oakwell-Morgan, founded OMI, a pioneering clinic that has helped countless clients achieve their personal goals for permanent hair removal.

Nicolette is a certified hair-removal technician and specialist recognized by the industry at large as a leading expert in the field. Commonly referred to as “the hair doctor,” she has actually worked with doctors to provide hair-removal options to patients, has worked with the industry to develop training procedures, manuals and standards used throughout the field, and has lectured extensively on the topic of permanent hair removal. There has been no stone left unturned in Nicolette’s desire to provide permanent hair-removal solutions to anyone seeking help.

Just as she has personally guided people through their hair-removal challenges, her book, The Life & Death of a Hair A Complete Guide to Achieving 100% Permanent Hair Removal, has been written so that you, too, can learn about how permanent hair removal is not as impossible as you might have been led to believe. By the time you finish reading her book and her 5 ebooks, you will have gained the knowledge and understanding to seek and achieve hair-removal results you previously never dreamed of. As a technologist you will be able to provide laser and electrolysis treatment safely and effectively as an expert to all clients including clients of color.

Robert Oakwell-Morgan

Robert Oakwell-Morgan is an internationally-experienced businessman who has travelled the world in pursuit of ideas and ventures that benefit everyone involved. He attended a leading-edge intensive hair-removal program in New York to bring back home the latest in industry knowledge and methods.

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