Nicolette's Notebook

A Collection of Nicolette’s Notebook subtitle Tips & Facts on Hair Removal Laser & Electrolysis.
(A Go To Guide for Clients, Students, Practicing Technicians, Doctors, Industry Leaders)

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Nicolette’s Notebook Introduction

What made me write so many articles on hair removal? I was entering the world of social media and all …

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Book 1Article 1

Why A Laser Hair Removal Provider Needs to Educate Your Client?

Educating your client is the most important step that all hair removal clinic providers need to establish trust, confidence and …

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Book 1Article 2

Who Says I Can’t Have Laser Hair Removal Because I Am A Woman of Color!!

How many times have you had a client tell you that when they went to a salon, laser clinic, or …

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Book 1Article 3

Cancer Treatments and Stimulated Hair Growth

I would like to share my experience when treating a cancer survivor who was dealing with stimulated facial hair due …

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Book 1Article 4

LASER SAFETY What You Need to Do Now

Laser radiation emitted for the laser system can be harmful if proper procedures are not followed.  Regulatory Controls  There are …

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Book 1Article 5

Electrolysis must be Resurrected

Don’t you want to finish what you started?  Don’t you want client’s to be happy and satisfied with your service? …

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