Nicolette’s Notebook Introduction

What made me write so many articles on hair removal? I was entering the world of social media and all this talk about content, content, content. I thought by publishing my bookThe Life & Death of a Hair A Complete Guide to Achieving 100% Permanent Hair Removalwould be enough information needed to share my knowledge and experience in laser and electrolysis to clients, students, colleges, doctors, dermatologists, and technology providers to become an expert.

I needed to get with the times by simply putting an ad in the paper, tv or radio and receiving calls immediately and then transferring them to a client it would be easier. I was wrong, social media requires that you must keep yourself out there and provide your knowledge and expertise to confirm social proof. Your job is never done.

Once I started writing topics that I felt were important to share I never realized I had so much to say. Through this collection of “Nicolette’s Notebook Articles” I was able to have a voice to make someone’s journey just a little easier whether in receiving treatment or providing laser/electrolysis hair removal services.

My mission of over 40 years is to make a difference to all those suffering from excessive hair concerns and for all those technicians searching to find more information to provide a high standard of treatment and results for  clients.

By reading my publication and these articles you will become an expert overnight, have confidence and make a difference in someone’s life. Isn’t that the reason we are here!!




SMILE and pass it forward (:


Author, The Life & Death of a Hair A Complete Guide to 100% Permanent Hair Removal

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