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I have treated thousands of clients over the years but there are always a few that you remember and just can’t erase their experience. This one I am about to tell you is very disturbing but, in the end, has a happy ending.

Female in her early 20’s:

Many tears were shed at the first consultation and assessment of this young girl. She tried to explain her history of unwanted hair concerns and what efforts were made to overcome them.

As I was reviewing her experiences, she explained that both her mom and she had been consulted at several clinics before deciding where to have treatments performed for their unwanted hair. As usual, there was a very short explanation, if any, and then the laser was started. Due to a limited budget her mother insisted that her daughter receive treatments first. As all mothers would do. After receiving up to 20 treatments elsewhere with laser (which at my consultation it was established that it was not laser but IPL or light technology used.) While she was having regular treatments there it seemed to work but, once she stopped receiving treatments not only did the hair that she wanted treated (upper lip and chin) return but all the fine hair that did not have to be treated came back very coarse, dark and dense. Now she had a huge problem on her face, a full beard!! In fact, the technologist at the clinic she was receiving treatment from had advised her that while she was coming to have the upper lip and chin treated why not have her full face done at the same time!!

She explained as she was crying that her mother had passed away recently (in her 40’s). As her mother had spent money that they did not have, she felt a responsibility to eliminate the problem that had become worse. This is what her mother made sacrifices for.

Her daily routine would be that she woke up every morning at 4am to tweeze each hair one by one until all the facial hair was removed and this took a full two hours, until 6am. She would then go through her routine to get ready for school or work. She went on to explain and now she had me in tears, that she would have a five o’clock shadow if it wasn’t done daily.  She also carried tweezers in her purse in case she had to remove hair throughout the day.

I am pleased to say that true laser at OMI was used with a successful ending. As she was going through the process she was married and due to her hair being removed forever she now regained confidence in herself. 

This true story unfortunately was told to me over and over again by so many young female clients. Most of these cases were caused by establishments in the industry offering so-called laser hair removal services which actually were not true lasers. 

From day one, in 1997, when a company from the USA visited me to promote this new technology, I knew that if someone was not trained properly and using the right technology that in fact laser could actually stimulate hair and boy was I right. 

I went on to ask what their statistics were and other questions pertaining to their studies and of course I received no answers so I took two years to research, study and take my own knowledge of how permanent hair removal is achieved before I purchased my first true laser.

I can’t tell you how many clients I treated due to improper laser treatment resulting in their stimulated hair growth and had no choice but to search out another option. Most advised me that their hair problems were worse than before and they were shaving every day. 

So How Can We Make Sure This Doesn’t Happen

  • Make sure that you research the best training available that is comprehensive and leaves you feeling very confident.
  • Confirm that you understand all the technologies that are now available in the industry that say they can treat hair removal.
  • Make sure that you are working with the safest and most effective laser so that you can avoid stimulated hair growth.
  • Take a full case history and present a very detailed consultation and assessment so that you can provide your client the options, timeline and budget expected before going ahead with treatment.

To change a person’s life is a privilege that we are able to offer. Keep to high standards, receive your rewards and make a positive difference.This and numerous cases like hers constantly enforce the need for me to help educate the public, clinics offering hair removal services, teaching facilities, technology providers etc. about the process of permanent hair removal and the main reason for writing my book “The Life & Death of a Hair A Complete Guide to Achieving 100% Permanent Hair Removal”.


SMILE and pass it forward (:


Author, The Life & Death of a Hair A Complete Guide to 100% Permanent Hair Removal

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