So, what do I mean?

How many establishments that offer permanent hair removal and laser treatments do not offer electrolysis? Most have not heard of the word and refer it to ancient or the old school method of removing unwanted hair. So how else are you going to achieve 100% permanent hair removal for your clients?

Why is electrolysis the missing piece?

As a technician offering laser hair removal services can you answer these questions with the answer no?

  • Can you complete 100% permanent hair removal with a laser?
  • Can you achieve 100% permanent hair removal on fine hair that is remaining after maximum laser treatments?
  • Can you treat those nice senior citizens with those bristly white hair on their chin with laser?
  • Can you treat red hair with a laser successfully?
  • Can you treat between the eyebrows safely with a laser?
  • Can you treat clients who are photosensitive with lasers?
  • Can you treat clients who are pregnant with lasers safely?

These are just a few reasons why you need to offer electrolysis to treat everyone who asks for permanent hair removal. 

So, what are you doing for these clients?

  • Letting some of them just keep having treatments, forever!
  • Waxing these seniors and making their hair stimulated and now they have to see you more often. Is the almighty dollar really worth it!
  • Are you just turning business away because you just don’t want to search out proper training as an electrologist?

I couldn’t believe it when my husband, Robert, and I went to a yearly laser presentation. We like to keep updated on what’s happening in the industry. For me it is to confirm that I am still ahead of the information and to make sure that I absorb the latest.

When they started a question and answer period Robert asked the question to all of those who attended, which were doctors, business owners, aestheticians etc. anyone who was already offering laser hair removal and those interested to start a business in this industry. Roberts questioned everyone “Does everyone know that you can offer 100% permanent hair removal!”.  

The answers were:

  • Electrolysis that takes too long!
  • Electrolysis is painful!
  • Why offer electrolysis when we can offer laser treatments ongoingly.

This was unanimous no one supported providing their clients with 100% results it was just easier to keep having them coming.

Yes, it is easier to have the same clients coming for the same treatment forever and make money but what about ethics and putting yourself in their position. Would you like to be taken advantage of? Would you like to always know that you have hair that needs removing? Do you have a budget for regular treatments? 

My mission with having devoted most of my life to helping those with hair concerns is to educate, provide results and make sure everyone understands the process. Clients are constantly asking me what they are going to do if they have a little girl who needs hair removal as it took me years to finally find someone who knows what they are doing and does what they say they are going to do.

I always compared my work and every case to a Picasso or Rembrandt and I could only sign the painting if I completed the case successfully if not then it was not worthy of my signature.

This was the reason for gathering my over 40 years of experience specializing in permanent hair removal and sharing with the world how to achieve 100% permanent hair removal for anyone and everyone searching for solutions. Also, I have put decades into developing comprehensive training programs, for electrolysis and laser hair removal. I will continue to work hard to provide the industry with the theory and skills that are necessary to make available the best trained technologists to work at the highest standard in treatment and client care.

So if you walk by the puzzle with the missing piece (I just happen to have one) let it remind you each and every time that if you are not offering electrolysis with your hair removal services then you will never be able to sign your masterpiece as completed!!


SMILE and pass it forward (:


Author, The Life & Death of a Hair A Complete Guide to 100% Permanent Hair Removal

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