THE TRUTHS ABOUT LASER: The Positive Virus That Must go Viral Worldwide

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Medical laser market size is projected to reach US$ 16.4 Billion by 2026. Everyone wants a piece. Let’s do it right.

Why are there so many problems when receiving laser treatments especially since it has been around for over twenty years.

  • The feedback that I have received, which is unanimous, is lack of information and training. 
  • Clients who have undergone multiple treatments at multiple locations are still searching for answers. 
  • Technicians who have undergone very costly training and still are overwhelmed at an interview questioning if they really know and understand the basics of laser.
  • Laser sales reps who are taught how to sell and use their tactics and entice everyone on how lucrative this service is. 
  • How the manufacturing world has expanded to produce in mass lower level lasers at very low costs.

How much training is actually required to operate a laser?

In 1999 when sitting down with a president and top sales rep for a well known company I spent over 3 hours answering questions about their technology. I in turn asked them how do they decide who to qualify to sell a laser to? The answer was, “Anyone who can afford it!” Unbelievable and this continues to be the standard for most laser companies with the exception that some lasers can only be purchased by a medical doctor. 

So, this is the reason that so many clients have not received the results that they pay for, in addition to suffering from unsatisfactory results, burns, stimulated hair growth and treatments that are unending.

I have spoken with the government to establish standards but they are too busy and commented that it would have to be up to the medical profession. I question that, as many doctors have asked me how to treat specific cases with the same technology that I have?

I thought that if the insurance companies could control who can be covered after writing a basic test it would qualify the clinic and avoid any unnecessary claims. Should they fail the test then they would have to take a recommended training program to requalify. Not interested.

So, What Needs to Be Done?

Training, training and more training and an exam for theory and practical that everyone offering laser treatments must write and pass before they are able to purchase equipment or insurance.

Several laser technology providers who sell equipment will comment that people come in and want to get into the laser business as they see it is very lucrative. When asked what laser you are looking for, they have no idea. This is scary and they too feel that training is lacking and extremely necessary. 

Laser companies will often provide one day training and then you can call for guidance. That’s it!! I understand it is not the responsibility of the laser company to train on theory but to understand how to use the laser machine. So, in the end it is the responsibility of each clinic. They must make sure they have sufficient knowledge on the theory of the services they offer and then apply that to what the objective is when using lasers and what needs to be done to achieve the goal without any negative results.  This takes time and practice.

When I didn’t receive answers I researched and tested over numerous years until I found a way that was safe and effective. This is why OMI Medical Inc. developed their own training programs for electrolysis and laser hair removal so that we knew we would provide results and safe treatment for all clients. Don’t treat clients if you are not fully confident. Laser is just a tool or an extension of your hand. Your knowledge is vital to provide results. Make sure you have the right training. The satisfaction that you feel when helping your client is so gratifying. Do it right the first time.


SMILE and pass it forward (:


Author, The Life & Death of a Hair A Complete Guide to 100% Permanent Hair Removal

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