Electrolysis must be Resurrected

  • Don’t you want to finish what you started? 
  • Don’t you want client’s to be happy and satisfied with your service?
  • Don’t you want referrals and save money on advertising?
  • Don’t you want to treat everyone who is bothered with unwanted hair?
  • Don’t you want to be known as a one stop spa?
  • Do you want to give money to another salon that may be offering similar services but also offers electrolysis?
  • Do you want to turn clients away because they have white, red, or fine hair?

I hope your answer to the Don’ts is yes and the Do’s are No.  If so, then I will give you reasons why you will be left behind if you are only offering laser hair removal for those clients that are looking to achieve 100% permanent hair removal.

What is electrolysis?

If you have never heard of electrolysis, it is a magical science that was discovered in 1875!! Yes, that long ago. I remember my mother going for her treatments in the 60’s. One of the worst days of my life happened when I applied to become a flight attendant with a major airline, they flat out told me I didn’t get the job because of body hair. Can you imagine being told something like this. Laser was not available at that time so I joined my mother and started electrolysis treatments. I’ve never looked back and now realize that I not only achieved 100% permanent hair removal but I found a career where I could help so many others with the same challenge. Now over 40 years later my objective is to educate and have a positive impact on the industry, and to set standards in this field so that everyone is trained in theory and practical, resulting in successful cases each and every time. No exceptions.


The 3-way stretch when performing electrolysis. One hair at a time.

Electrolysis Procedure:

A filament, or most call the instrument a needle, which is finer than a human hair. This filament is introduced alongside the hair until it reaches the root area at which time a small amount of electrical current is released. This gives the client a small tingling or warm sensation. This then coagulates or gels the papilla, affecting the hair germ cells, and we simply lift the hair with our forceps. With electrolysis we must treat each hair individually and this is the reason that we can achieve 100% permanent hair removal because we have more control and can reach the target. Water or moisture is a conductor of electricity, without moisture you could not achieve permanent hair removal.

The difference between laser and electrolysis is that laser is a topical treatment. We treat at the surface of the skin. Laser is a wavelength of light which is attracted to pigmentation (colour or melanin) of the hair follicle. Only hair that is dark will produce energy from the laser. Hair that is white, gray, blond or red does not produce energy and we will treat these clients with electrolysis. Therefore, with electrolysis we need moisture, and with lasers we need colour plus moisture.

Scheduling of treatments is vital. Just like working with the hair growth cycle of laser treatments. It is even more vital to keep to a set schedule with electrolysis, actually it is more important. Hair must be treated as soon as it surfaces to the skin level as this is the only stage where the hair will respond as it is still being nourished at the base of the follicle. Once it moves up the follicle it dries up and therefore, there is no moisture to produce the thermal heating that is necessary to have an effective treatment.

Time it takes to achieve 100% permanent hair removal?

If you are a good electrologist and your client adheres to the schedule you have set up for them then it will take approximately 24 to 36 months to get to a point where treatments are not necessary and you have achieved 100% permanent hair removal forever. Yes forever!! I am proof as well as thousands of clients I have treated in the past.

You can make a difference by adding this service to your establishment knowing you can help everyone who suffers from unwanted hair.

No better said then from a client!!  Testimonial

My eyebrows grew together when I reached puberty. At first, the problem didn’t seem so bad, so I tried tweezing. The hairs then started growing back thicker and the problem became worse!

I went to an esthetician to receive electrolysis treatments. After a while, I began to realize that I was on a treadmill going nowhere. The hair was not being removed permanently because the esthetician didn’t have the experience nor the knowledge. I desperately wanted a permanent solution. I asked my family doctor, who referred me to a dermatologist, who referred me to OMI. That was 1990.

At OMI, they put together a program to follow. We stayed within the schedule. Although the process took some time, I definitely started seeing some real progress, and, I’m glad to say, the results have been permanent! It’s been twenty-five years since the treatment, and I haven’t had to go back.

However, because of my age, hairs are starting to grow in strange new places, such as my ears. So, I’ve returned to Nicolette and OMI for another permanent hair-removal solution. They are professional, knowledgeable, and I know I’m in good hands!



SMILE and pass it forward (:


Author, The Life & Death of a Hair A Complete Guide to 100% Permanent Hair Removal

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