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Our treatment programs are specifically planned and implemented for each and every case. We analyze and assess everything about our clients’ unwanted hair issues, ensuring the treatments we provide result in permanent hair removal (when that is the goal).

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My god I love my after results. Very smooth. Areas that Nicolette worked on has worked. The BEST part is, those areas she has done electrolysis on, the hair has "NOT" come back! Ó_0 I will never have to shave those areas where ingrown bumps happen anymore. I was worried about the lasers scaring my skin, but Nicolette educated me on different heat frequencies of laser, that it is possible to treat dark skin people if properly educated. She went into details about sending heat down the hair follicle down to the root to how electrolysis works even better after have laser treatment. I can hardly wait to start my neck. Imagine no more ingrown bumps under the neck. I'm living proof that Nicolette definitely knows what she's doing. n_n
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I have known Nicolette and OMI since at least 2012. During that time, I have come to trust her knowledge, compassion and most of all honesty about hair removal. Nicolette never lies to you about how to get effective 100% hair removal. I wish I had found her, and her book The Life and Death of a Hair sooner. If you are looking for 100% hair removal with no gimmicks just effective treatment. Then look no further. The book explains in detail how to determine for yourself what treatment is right for you. It tells you the important questions to ask when you seek treatment. It makes sure you understand completely and confidently how to get 100% hair removal. Most places make empty promises but Nicolette and more importantly her book offer people real tangible results. I wish I had known then what I know now. Please if you’re thinking of hair removal and not sure where to start, pick up a copy of The Life and Death of a Hair. What do you have to lose? Only your hair.
Sam Mercado

OMI Medical Client

My name is Benjamin. I’m a 30-year-old Caucasian male from Toronto. I’ve been working with Nicolette for a handful of years. When I first started at OMI, I was very self-conscious about my body hair and was embarrassed to take off my shirt. It affected my life in every which way. To put it simply, I was depressed. I’m providing this testimonial and review of the book in the hope of saving others from the unnecessary pain that I experienced as a teenage boy. The book is remarkable! It took me down memory lane to when I first met Nicolette. It’s transparent, informative and filled with answers – I highly recommend it. I tried everything – from tweezing to ordering online products – with no success. It was only until I truly understood the life and death of a hair that it all started to make sense. I think there are many professionals that this book could help educate including doctors and estheticians. Before I was referred to OMI I went to my family doctor who knew very little about hair removal. He actually suggested I consult an esthetician who, believe it or not, knew less than him. Permanent hair removal is possible. But it’s only possible if you understand the facts. The Life and Death of a Hair provides a unique take on the industry and provides up to date information that will help YOU understand the facts. Please feel free to contact Nicolette if you want to connect with me. I’m always happy to discuss my experiences. Nicolette’s counselling and guidance has truly changed my life.
I have been enjoying your articles and your book!! It is as if I was writing it myself! I have been a Certified Laser Technician/LSO since 2007 and have found the truth you talk about over those years. I am still amazed when I interview a Laser Technician and they can’t even tell me what fluency or joules mean… so sad! I have been educating individuals on Laser Physics in Minnesota since 2016. Minnesota is an unregulated state when it comes to Aesthetic Laser Procedures so it was almost like I felt the NEED to share my knowledge and experience with those individuals who were truly wanting to learn. A sales rep is not a Laser Tech… they are a salesperson. Experience is definitely the best EDUCATION when it comes to many things. I respect your knowledge and appreciate you sharing it! If you are ever in Minnesota please look me up and we can ‘talk laser’!?
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The Life And Death Of A Hair is a great read, loaded with industry standard information, interesting facts and personal notes gathered over a long history spent in the field. The reader is kept involved by Nicolette’s deep insight, expertise, clear and concise use of vocabulary and as well imagery that is both fun and professional. Whether you are interested in becoming a professional in this field,or, are in need of treatment, this is a must read.
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