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Our treatment programs are specifically planned and implemented for each and every case. We analyze and assess everything about our clients’ unwanted hair issues, ensuring the treatments we provide result in permanent hair removal (when that is the goal).

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My god I love my after results. Very smooth. Areas that Nicolette worked on has worked. The BEST part is, those areas she has done electrolysis on, the hair has "NOT" come back! Ó_0 I will never have to shave those areas where ingrown bumps happen anymore. I was worried about the lasers scaring my skin, but Nicolette educated me on different heat frequencies of laser, that it is possible to treat dark skin people if properly educated. She went into details about sending heat down the hair follicle down to the root to how electrolysis works even better after have laser treatment. I can hardly wait to start my neck. Imagine no more ingrown bumps under the neck. I'm living proof that Nicolette definitely knows what she's doing. n_n
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OMI Medical Client

I just want to thank you for the outstanding quality and professionalism I received as a client of OMI. Through patience and perseverance I am now totally hair free in the areas of treatment. I am confident and extremely happy. With both electrolysis and laser being used, it is truly remarkable that absolutely no hair grows in the treatment areas. Once again thank you, and I would absolutely recommend your services and advice to anyone. A very satisfied client.
Ronda Gaspar

OMI Medical Client

What a pleasure it was to receive even better results than were promised! OMI is not only the best at what they do, they make you feel really special and at fabulous prices!!!
Hari J.

OMI Medical Client

“OMI are so professional, knowledgeable and highly skilled that no-one else compares. I wish I had come here first before I wasted my money for poor results elsewhere!!!”
Sarah B


After my laser and electrolysis treatments with OMI, I can honestly say the approach and process to hair removal described in “The Life and Death of Hair” really does provide permanent hair removal. I watched friends and family receive laser hair removal from other services and their hair always seemed to grow back. Fortunately, I found OMI and my unwanted hair is gone forever. So if you received laser hair removal with ineffective results, don’t give up hope. Find a hair removal service that applies the OMI approach to hair removal and you will be forever grateful. I certainly am!
I thought the book was very well written. It improved my understanding of the growth cycle of a hair. It made a dry technical subject seem very interesting. I would say that the book might be helpful if it was made available to doctors who might refer their patients who need hair removal to OMI. I was lucky to stumble onto OMI when I was looking for a permanent hair removal solution. You and your staff did a great job explaining the process to me. The book cannot replace that. However, it is a very good initial contact point.
I am a long standing client of Nicolette. I first met Nicolette as a young man when my facial hair started growing in the wrong places. Nicolette helped me achieve permanent hair removal on my face for over 25+ years now. I always found Nicolette to be competent, caring and hardworking. After reading her book (which I enjoyed tremendously), I can now add “she is at the top of her field, second to none.” I have not found anyone more competent in her field than Nicolette. She is simply the best!
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