OMI Laser Hair Removal Training Program

This program addresses both the practical and theoretical skills necessary to excel in the field of laser for hair removal which includes a wealth of knowledge and practical expertise needed prior to performing any treatments.

Each student is trained professionally with a basis in theory to ensure ultimate patient outcomes. This approach includes physics, safety, and the identification of treatment parameters that come from the technology manufacturers.

Founded on our experience of developing successful hair-removal techniques since 1979, at OMI Medical, we strive to exceed patient expectations, and we are now sharing that success through our unique training programs on hair removal.

Theory Training Program Guideline
There are a total of 10 modules in this training program. At the end of modules 1 to 8 a quiz must be completed and passed in order to access the next module. There will be a final exam to be completed and passed after Module 10 for a successful completion of the Laser Hair Removal Theory Training.

Topics Covered in the Laser Theory Training Program

  • Introduction to Laser Hair Removal
  • Laser Safety
  • Histology of the Skin
  • Skin Typing
  • Hair Biology
  • The Cause of Hair Growth
  • Laser Systems
  • Laser Treatment Procedure
  • ELOS Technology
  • Laser Consultation
  • Treatment Schedule
  • Laser Assessments
  • Direction of Treatment
  • Positioning
  • Charting
  • How to choose the correct Technology
  • Setting up a Business
  • Control of your Practice

At the end of this program, the successful participant will be able to demonstrate:

  • The history of permanent hair removal
  • Understand the basic structure of the skin and hair removal theory
  • Understand the practical theory of effective hair removal methods for various skin types and hair textures 
  • Have an increased understanding of the professional requirements of running and operating an independent hair removal practice

The passing grade required for this training program is 80% and up, this is the required grade for all the module quizzes and final exam.

Each student will be given 6 months online access to complete the theory training program.

Upon successful completion of this program the student will receive theoretical certification from OMI Medical Inc. on Laser Hair Removal.

Please Note: This Laser Theory Certificate is a prerequisite to take the Laser Hair Removal Practical Training program.

Laser Hair Removal Practical Training Program
The OMI Laser Hair Removal Practical Training Program consists of 2 full days of practical training followed by a 4 hour practical exam. The student must attain an 80% and up passing grade in order to be fully certified as an OMI Medical Inc. Laser Hair Removal Technologist.

Outline for OMI Laser Practical Program

  • Consultation
  • Complete client file and forms
  • Laser Treatment Procedure
  • Laser Machine Parameters
  • Positioning Client/Operator/Equipment
  • Scheduling
  • Direction of Treatment
  • Charting
  • Pre/Post Treatment Care
  • Photos
  • Assessments
  • Maintenance of Equipment
  • Sterilization and Sanitization
  • Desensitizing Methods
  • How to treat Sensitive Areas
  • How to treat Dark/Black Skin
  • Skin Typing
  • Over Treatment and How to Deal with it
  • How to Control your Practice

Required Materials

Life & Death of a Hair by Nicolette Oakwell-Morgan

  • CLICK HERE to purchase the hardcopy or eBook version of the book. 

Nicolette’s Notebooks by Nicolette Oakwell-Morgan

Optional Material

Laser Theory Workbook by OMI Medical Inc
This spiral workbook is a hardcopy version of the Laser Hair Removal Theory Training Program for a lifetime reference.

Registration Policy – You will be given 6 months to complete the theory online portion and write the exam. You have 2 attempts to complete the exam successfully. No access will be given after this time. For any questions please email

OMI Laser Training Theory can be applied to all lasers used for hair removal.

The 1064 Yag laser using a 10ml spot size was used as the example throughout this program. The before and after photos as well as the testimonials included in the workbook and The Life & Death of a Hair textbook were results achieved using this technology.

Numerous lasers are now available by various manufacturers Internationally. The most recent offers a dual system using the 755 Alexandrite combined with the 1064 Yag.

Refer to your Operational Manual provided by your laser manufacturer for guidelines when selecting various spot sizes and suggested settings. You would then review the explanation in modules 4 and 7 to establish when to increase or decrease settings for maximum efficacy.

Application of laser hair removal treatment when treating all body parts for women and men can be used as noted in Module 9 of your workbook. Confirm with your Operational Manual when using alternate spot sizes and/or wavelength of your laser.

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