The field of permanent hair removal is in dire need right now. There is a widespread lack of knowledge, even among experienced professionals, about how hair removal is done properly and permanently using laser and electrolysis. That’s why we can use people just like you to embark upon a career with OMI. Whether you’ve been a client with OMI and would like to utilize our knowledge and tools for your career, or are just interested in a great career path where you can earn good money and make clients happy, we have a training program suited just for you.

OMI offers a comprehensive set of training programs that match your career goals in electrolysis and laser hair removal. See the pdf to learn more about these great learning opportunities.

If you are ready to get started, please contact us.

OMI training programs
See the outline pdf
In addition, The Life & Death of a Hair: A Complete Guide to Achieving 100% Permanent Hair Removal, written by OMI co-founder Nicolette-Oakwell Morgan, is the standard book to read, for both lay people and industry professionals, in order to understand the nature of hair growth and how to remove it permanently. Click the image below to learn more about the book, as well as the industry.
OMI book The Life & Death of a Hair
See the outline pdf