We’re making people happy!

Over 80% of our clients come to OMI after receiving failed treatment elsewhere with laser and electrolysis. With the high level of treatment we offer, it is no surprise that OMI has such a tremendous record of success and customer satisfaction.
Here is what one of those satisfied customers had to say about OMI Medical Inc.
Our treatment programs are specifically planned and implemented for each and every case. We analyze and assess everything about our clients’ unwanted hair issues, ensuring the treatments we provide result in permanent hair removal (when that is the goal).

We believe in happy endings.

Permanent hair removal is not rocket science, and there are no magic tricks involved. It is all a matter of education, experience and skill — all utilized to continually increase the effectiveness and efficiency of our treatments.
At OMI, you won’t find broken promises or empty excuses. You also won’t find high-pressure sales tactics attempting to up-sell and cross-sell you everything from under the sun. We only offer hair removal, so we know exactly what you’re looking for when you contact us. As we do with every client, we’ll work hard to ensure you’re pleased with the results.