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The truths about permanent hair removal are greater than fiction!

The Life & Death of a Hair was written by OMI Medical Inc. director and co-founder Nicolette Oakwell-Morgan. This exceptional resource serves as a guide for every person affected by unwanted hair, and educates and provides support for those seeking real solutions. The book includes all the information you need when searching for a hair-removal service provider.
In The Life & Death of a Hair, everything you could possibly want to know about permanent hair removal is covered. It provides actual case studies, from which you can follow the treatment life cycle. As a reference material, the book also includes complete definitions of industry terms so that you can better understand all that medical mumbo-jumbo.




Before you hand over your money to an establishment that says they know what they’re doing, read The Life & Death of a Hair. The information in this book will save you from disappointment by teaching you enough about permanent hair removal so that you’ll know which questions to ask and what answers you should be receiving from your prospective provider.
If you have unwanted hair and you haven’t read this book, you’re likely not receiving the results you were expecting. Put an end to your unwanted hair issues once and for all by signing up for an early-bird copy of The Life & Death of a Hair.