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100% Permanent Hair Removal Is Possible

The Life & Death of a Hair was written by OMI Medical Inc. director and co-founder Nicolette Oakwell-Morgan. This exceptional resource serves as a guide for every person affected by unwanted hair, educates and provides support for those seeking real solutions. The book includes all the information you need when searching for a hair-removal service provider.

If you are in the hair removal industry in any capacity, from clinic owners, technicians, dermatologist or those looking to enter the industry The Life & Death of a Hair is a must-have resource – written in every day easy to understand language this book will guide you on how to achieve 100% permanent hair removal safely for every skin tone using laser and electrolysis. 

 “love the before and after photos and the testimonials but I especially like Nicolette’s notebook as you explain the facts of your experience. It is so reader friendly and easily understood to the layperson and it is as if you are talking directly to me”